FAST Events (Florida Automotive Society & Track Events) received its roots from a SW Florida automotive group known as “Street Scene Alliance”. Three members from Street Scene set off with a mission to unite the automotive community and bring them together for the first Gulf Coast Motor Fest. Now, a diverse team of four, Jonathan De Moya, Alexx Marcinkiewicz, Joey Snyder, and Luis Pineda are dedicated to bring automotive events, both on and off the track, throughout Florida

Jonathan De Moya

CEO & Owner: Mazda RX7 & Audi A3

Starting simply as an dream, Jon has evolved FAST Events into a company that has partnered with some of Florida’s leading automotive specialists. Using his knowledge acquired in the School of Business at Florida Gulf Coast University, he aims to grow FAST into a nationally known brand.

Alex Marcinkiewicz

Photographer & Owner: Mazda RX8

A local from the SW Florida region with a talent in capturing the perfect shot. The original founder of Street Scene Alliance, Alexx has set out to bring people together and develop a car scene worth being proud of.

Joey Snyder

Media Director: Mazda MX5

A local from the SW Florida region, has a passion for all things on and off the racetrack. He has developed a professional skill set in digital design and is responsible for the brand’s image and web presentation.